50th Birthday Parties and Lasting Memories

50th Birthday Mint Tin
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How can we measure our blessings over the expanse of fifty years? As we move into our next personal, half-centuries, those of us who are turning fifty this year look back and realize that it’s only natural to recall special birthdays- our milestones. We fondly recall fully-decorated events. Those memories move forward in time with us.

Do you remember a certain childhood birthday party? What made it special? Did your parents devote extra attention to the details? Maybe their labors of love extended to your dearest companions. Parties were magical affairs filled with colorful balloons, glistening streamers, and exuberant, hot potato games. The children wore party hats, blew noisemakers, and carried home goody bags brimming with party favors. If you were a child in the 1960’s, you might remember the mandatory dresses and ties. Fortunately, some things do change!

Oh, to be a teenager in the seventies, again. Romantic hearts were as big as the hair and the patterns on dresses and ties were as groovy as our parents’ family room curtains. Vinyl albums played through the night as girls spun the bottle to see who’d confess to having crushes on Shaun Cassidy. Reliving the retro party era is dreamy!

50th Birthday Party Mints
50th Birthday Party Mints

Band sounds of Chicago and Boston remind us of the big cities we visited with dates in those years. Our city party theme decorations capture the essence of what solidifies relationships. Couples enjoy gazing at city lights, while talking for endless hours about the future and dreams.

For a mother, the moments that touch the soul are cradling your sleeping baby, listening to the first sounds of “Mama”, or feeling little hands clutching your pinkies while learning how to walk. Then too, are the first friends, the play dates, and the planning of your own children’s parties. So many beautiful memories accompany these years. Baby showers and themed birthday parties were so fun to plan.

Shindigz customers are the most fun people we know. You make life extra special for your friends and family. Celebrate a special 50th birthday with bits and pieces of the above eras. Decorate each room to match a certain decade.  Invite guests to gaze at old pictures and sample favorite foods or drinks from your honoree’s personal journey.  By decorating five rooms, the entire party becomes a collection of fifty years!

May your loved one’s 50th birthday milestone create fond, new memories!

A Special 50th Birthday Wish:

The Shindigz team sends happy birthday wishes to Shindigz owner, Wendy Moyle.  Enjoy your special day.  Happy 50th birthday from all of us!

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