Best Baby Shower Ideas For A Brilliant Baby Bash

A baby shower is one of the most thrilling parties that a mother-to-be will ever have!  The excitement is mounting for the imminent birth of a precious life into the world. My goal is to give you some great tips and considerations for throwing a super successful baby shower!

First, consider the expectant mother’s feelings in your planning – This is a very emotional time for the mother-to-be. She will be feeling elated, excited, anxious, or exhausted…moods subject to change at a moment’s notice! With that in mind, decide what type of shower to host. Select a theme with baby shower table decorations to start your planning and baby shower party supplies. It is perfectly acceptable to include the father-to-be and his friends. Make sure the baby shower activities planned are a blend for all invited, and most of all, comfortable for the guest of honor.

When to hold the baby shower? The choice between a “pre-birth” baby shower (generally best if held before the 8th month) or a “post-birth” baby shower (4 to 6 weeks after the blessed event) should be left to the guest of honor. Where there is a history of complications or if an adoption is involved, it is most appropriate to have the shower after the baby’s birth. A post-birth baby shower party also allows the guests to “shower” the new bundle of joy with love!

Who should host the baby shower party? A good friend, sister or sister-in-law is an appropriate host for a baby shower.

Who to invite? Create a baby shower party guest list. Check with the mother-to-be to see if she wants to invite family, friends and co-workers. She may want to keep this a “family and friends” only affair if she will be having a baby shower party at work as well. Send out baby shower party invitations at least 4 weeks in advance of the shower…in keeping with the theme of course! Once everyone is at the party, assign one or two responsible guests to help with the gifts. Your guest-of-honor will need help unwrapping her baby shower gifts, so be sure to have someone at her side with a garbage bag ready. Assign another baby shower guest to record the gifts so the mother-to-be can send her baby shower thank you notes after the baby shower party.

What to serve at a baby shower? Feel free to serve anything that suits your baby shower party theme and budget. Cake and punch, a hardy meal, an elegant catered offering, a potluck plethora, finger foods and munchies…the choice is yours! For a couple’s baby shower party, serve heartier fare–perhaps a brunch (check out my breakfast Shindigz Party recipes). If you choose to serve a full, sit-down meal, be sure to limit the number of baby shower guests to the amount you can seat comfortably around tables. It’s no fun to balance a full plate on your lap! For a “cutesy” touch, serve little “Twinkie booties” on baby shower tableware. You will need 1½ Twinkies per guest bootie. Place one Twinkie on a baby shower tableware plate and secure the second piece with a frosting color that matches your baby shower table decorations. Attach the half Twinkie to the back of the first one. Using a small decorator star tip, fill the bootie with frosting stars. Using a small writing tip, pipe a contrasting bow on the front of the bootie and outline the entire bootie. Serve them on baby shower tableware dessert plates. If you choose to serve a more traditional cake, use them as adorable cake toppers. You can easily accessorize these “Twinkie booties” with our baby shower deco set found with our other baby shower tableware products. Be aware of diet restrictions of the mother-to-be and the rest of the baby shower party guests. Check with the mother-to-be to see if she has any allergies, or is unable to eat certain foods during her pregnancy. If you do plan to serve alcohol, be sure to inform all guests (especially if it is in a punch and not clearly identifiable). Have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available, as well as caffeine-free drinks for the mother-to-be.

How should a baby shower be decorated and what about gifts? Use gifts and party favors for the baby as decorative pieces. Teething rings or pacifiers can be used as napkin rings, and baby bottles make perfect serving pieces for nuts and candy…the baby shower guest of honor will be delighted! Group gifts such as a treasury of best-loved books with a personalized bookcase, a basket filled to the brim with much-needed items that a new mom might not know about, a baby stroller, a highchair, or a giant stuffed animal from FAO Schwartz™ make wonderful group gifts. Engraved calling cards, baby blankets, a supply of baby diapers, or baby clothing would also be appreciated.

Don’t Forget Dad—Have a Couple’s Shower!

  • Baby shower games should incorporate diapers. Give each couple a baby-sized doll, a cloth diaper, two diaper pins, and a watch with a second hand. The objective of this baby shower activity is to see which couple can diaper the doll the fastest with each person only able to use one hand. The fastest couple wins one of the prizes used for your baby shower games. As a variation on this game, and what will probably be the hardest of all of your baby shower activities, is to have the couples try to assemble a port-a-crib instead of diapering a doll.
  • Some baby shower party games can use items that can be given to the mom-to-be after the baby shower. For example, give the mom-to-be the baby bottles used for this most creative of all baby shower games activity. Give each guest a baby bottle filled with juice. The first to finish their bottle of juice drinking through the nipple wins. After all of the baby shower games are over the bottles can be sterilized and given to the new baby!

With ideas like these, the mother-to-be and new bundle of joy will be showered from head to toe and love every minute of it!

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