Ideas for 4th of July Celebrations

July 4th Celebration Planning 

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Have you agreed to host a July 4th celebration? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the daunting task ahead of you? Would you like to throw a July 4th celebration but lack confidence in your party planning abilities? Don’t fret! By following a few simple steps, you can throw a successful July 4th celebration in no time. Whether it is a formal affair or a “get down and party” bash, Shindigz is here to help you with all of your planning needs and July 4th party supplies.

July 4th Party Supplies Questions

First of all, you should start by answering a few basic questions about your July 4th celebration. Your answers will help you get focused and point you in the right direction. You should think through these questions at least four to six weeks before your scheduled party date, though Shindigz can ship your July 4th party supplies to you rather quickly.

1. How formal a July 4th celebration do I want? Should it be a black-tie affair, a dressy event, or a casual gathering?

2. What type of theme do I want to center the July 4th celebration around?

3. How many people do I plan to invite?

4. How much money do I want to spend on 4th of July party supplies?

5. Will I host this July 4th celebration at my home or another location?

6. Do I need to arrange entertainment for the party?

July 4th Celebration Activities

Many Independence Day celebrations start in the afternoon and continue on into the evening hours with the grand finale being an awesome fireworks display! Since the July 4th celebration can last for several hours, here are some fantastic ideas to keep all of your guests lively even in the summer heat.

  • Organize a good old-fashioned game of baseball. For those guests that insist on sitting in the stands, have them sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and serve them Cracker JackTM and CokeTMwhile they watch the game with their July 4th party supplies.
  • After the game, have fun making and eating snow cones and cotton candy.
  • Order patriotic standees created from your own uploaded photos.
  • Create your own fireworks parade by having everyone decorate a bike or wagon with 4th of July party supplies!
  • Make two large copies of a map of America. Cover up the state’s names and have a competition between the boys and girls to see who can identify all 50 states the fastest.
  • For a meaningful activity, have the older generation pass on stories about America when they were growing up. Ask each guest to share what they like the most about living in the USA.
  • Plan a trivia contest with fun facts about American presidents, history, inventions, and folklore.
  • Select a patriotic king and queen each hour of the party. Crown them with tiaras and crowns. Provide the king and queen with a few special privileges such as the prime seat (shade or sun), position on the winning team, or first “dibs” in line. Selections can be made randomly, through competitions, or based on a simple vote among the guests!
  • Pass out our red, white, & blue poms to all the kids and have them create a fun patriotic cheer for the land of the free!
  • To pass the time between the cookout and fireworks, have the older kids paint the younger girl’s fingernails red, white, and blue. Add tattoos and stickers to their cheeks!
  • If you don’t have access to a professional fireworks display, create your own show by passing out sparklers and balloons. Let everyone take a turn twirling the sparklers and popping the balloons – it’s sure to inspire lots of “oooh’s and aaaah’s”!

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