Top Royal Wedding Jokes

Bachelorette Game for a royal wedding joke
Prince Harry could use this Bachelorette Game for his best man's speech and royal wedding jokes

Not all weddings are as serious as a royal wedding. And, of course, the reception has lighter moments during the best man’s speech. Here are the top royal wedding jokes you may hear Prince Harry utter during the royal wedding.

Top Royal Wedding Jokes:

Q: Why is the royal wedding like a three ring circus?
A: Because there is the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering!

Q: What are the two steps Prince William must take to have a successful marriage?
A: First, let Princess Kate think she is having here own way. Second, let her have her own way.

Q: What are the two most important words Prince William must learn in his marriage to Princess Kate?
A: “Yes Dear.”

Q: What will make Prince William a successful king?
A: If he can make more money than Princess Kate will spend.

Q: Why is Prince William like a lawn mower?
A: He’s hard to get started, emits foul odors, and doesn’t work half the time!

Q: Why is Prince William’s marriage worse than a lottery?
A: With a lottery, you do have a slight chance.

Q: What’s the best way for Princess Kate to get Prince William to do something?
A: Suggest that perhaps he’s too old to do it.

Q: Why does  Prince William keep looking at his marriage licence?
A: Perhaps he’s already looking for a loophole.

Q: What’s Prince William’s definition of a perfect wife?
A: One who helps him with the dishes.

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  • Williams and Middleton’s wedding will be the most remarkable so most of the world news papers and t.v. channels are awaiting to capture their wedding events and also this wedding event is a hot topic at least for a month after wedding if she will be participate in some social activities so many people will remember them for their life long i wish both of them have a nice wedding.

  • Loved Ron’s comment two above! Hysterical! Cute jokes, I can’t wait to see her dress tomorrow, I thought Dianna’s wasn’t all that, so I am curious what Kate has chosen.

    • Hmmm, yes they do and they are not that funny, someone copy-pasted jokes from marriage section …I want something new.
      This is nice, I found it from my friends fb status:
      motherly advises from the Queen…………….
      Kate Middleton says to the Queen “What’s the secret of a long marriage?”

      Queen replies “Wear a seatbelt and don’t piss me off” :))

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