Design Classy Bridal Showers

bridal shower dinner plates
Sweet love birds on these Bridal Shower Dinner Plates capture elegance and style!

Nothing’s more radiant than a bride-to-be. These planning tips will help you design a classy, elegant bridal shower that will “wow” the special bride-to-be in your life, whether she is your best friend, a family member, or a colleague.

First, select pretty invitations such as the black-and-pink diamond ring box invitations.Next, choose a theme that suits the taste of the bride-to-be. Consider her interests: Does she love traveling? Art? Music? Does she collect anything that might make a fun theme? Did she and her groom meet in a certain romantic location that might make a great theme for the shower? Here are some possible themes:

  • Host an “Around-the-Clock” Shower. As a lovely shower favor, order the gorgeous and inexpensive sterling wishes photo clock for each guest. At this shower, each guest’s invitation is marked with a certain time of the day (such as “Please purchase Julie a gift that can be used at 7 a.m.”). Each guest then purchases a gift that could be used at that time of day. For example, a guest could purchase a waffle iron and kitchen accessories for 7 a.m.; a picnic basket and table linens for 12 p.m.; or a restaurant gift card, silver candlesticks, a bottle of wine, CDs of her favorite music, or lingerie for 10 p.m.
  • Throw a travel-themed or Paris-themed shower for a gal who enjoys traveling. Decorate the walls of the party location with artwork or murals like the stunning Paris lights photo backdrop. This also makes a beautiful souvenir for the bride to take home after the event. Shower gifts could include photo albums, picture frames, luggage, lingerie, or other items the bride may need for her honeymoon.
  • Host a lingerie shower or personal shower for the bride with a group of the bride’s closest friends and family members. Gifts could include lingerie, perfume, restaurant gift cards, gift cards for Victoria’s Secret, bottles of wine, soft music CDs, and more.

Be sure to plan some fun party games for your shower guests. For quick and easy party games, order the pre-packaged bridal shower game kit that includes a set of five games.

For simple and elegant tableware, order the beautiful two lovebirds bridal shower dinner plates along with the matching two lovebirds dessert plates, beverage napkins, cups, and table covers.

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