Design Elegant Garden Party Weddings

pink hanging floral topiary
Suspend pink hanging floral topiaries from tree branches or your tent canopy for an elegant garden wedding accent.
Congratulations! You’re getting married! You’ve decided to have a simple but elegant garden party wedding. That’s an excellent idea. Let Shindigz set you up with some simple and affordable decorations to make your day memorable, without breaking your budget.

  • Although your day will most likely have perfect weather, you may want to consider being prepared with a easy up canopy. Then you can let your mind relax, knowing you’re prepared. Even if it’s a really hot day, you may want it so you don’t melt. You can decorate with metallic white gossamer or any other color you want. For more decorations, be sure to check out our Martha Stewart collection.
  • You do NOT need to have chairs for everyone attending the ceremony. Keep that part short, so most people can stand. It’ll feel more intimate, more exciting, and it’ll save a lot of room and money. You may want a few chairs for some of your family and friends. Be sure to cover them with a white fabric cover and a chair band to fit your color theme.
  • Don’t think you are limited to expensive flowers. You can line the periphery with candles or balloons. That’s a great way of bringing your colors outdoors and making it seem like a relaxed party.
  • Feel like walking the red carpet? This aisle runner is a great way of feeling more stable as you and your bridesmaids walk through the garden in your high heels, not to mention you’ll feel like a Hollywood star!
  • Lastly, if you want your guests to feel comfortable while watching you, then give them sunglasses and sunscreen. Or have the wedding in the evening and surround the place with lots of candles and lanterns, then everyone will be aglow!

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