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Foam Cross Easter Craft

Easter Party Activities

The highlight of an Easter party is, without challenge, the Easter egg hunt! Here are some simple ideas to make your hunt a foolproof success!

* Divide the kids into three age groups – Ages 3 and under, ages 4 to 6, and ages 7 and up.

* Have color-coded eggs for each age group – especially if your space is limited. For example, have pink and blue for the younger children, purple and green for the older kids.

* Use small plastic eggs and stock each with one small toy or piece of candy – no need to stuff them full!

* For a twist, instead of hiding eggs, hide spring-colored crayons! Once the hunt is over give each child a new coloring book.

Decorate Your Game, Craft, and Activity Area

Balloon Egg Wrap- Wrap colored yarn around a blown-up spring balloon to make these giant eggs. Try blowing up different sizes of balloons and use a multitude of colors of yarn. The results are delicate, so be sure that you handle the eggs carefully.

You will need:

* Spring party balloons

* Yarn

* Liquid starch or white glue

* Paint brush

Blow up the balloon and tie a 2-foot piece of yarn or string from the knot end. This will be used to hang the competed project to dry. Carefully brush the whole surface of the balloon with the liquid starch or watered down white glue. Next, be sure you work quickly before the glue dries. Wrap the yarn around the balloon in one direction leaving small gaps of about 1/2-inch wide so that the surface isn’t completely covered.

Brush on another layer of starch or glue right over the layer you just did and wrap another layer but this time go in a different direction. For example, if the first layer was wrapped horizontally from side to side, this time wrap it vertically from top to bottom. Brush on glue and wrap one more time, varying the direction again. The balloon should be pretty well covered at this point, but you should be able to see spaces, like lace.

Hang the covered balloon from the string and allow it to dry for about 24 hours. When it is completely dry, pop the balloon and very gently pull it out through one of the gaps. And there you have it! Make a dozen of them and hang them all over to decorate your Easter games, Easter crafts, and Easter activities areas.

Broken Egg Riddles

You will need:

* Large eggs cut in two

* Riddle written on the first half of the egg

* Answer written on the second half of the egg

Have the children go around the room and ask the riddle and the second child will give the answer. If the answers are correct, the two children who are matched up then sit down. The game is over when all children have matched up the riddle to the answer.

Pass It On

For this activity you will need a hard-boiled egg for each person and a collection of colored markers. The smaller tip permanent markers work best.

Have everyone gather around the table. Each person takes an egg and draws hair on it. Then each one passes their egg to the person next to them. That person draws the eyebrows. Pass the eggs again and draw the eyes. Keep passing and drawing until all the parts of the face are done. You can include cheeks, nose, mouth, ears, or any unique features like freckles and moles. Then everyone can admire the results! We have a Relay Egg Game Kit too!

Easter Egg Relay

Make 2 large eggs out of pink color corrugated paper for each team.

Divide guests into teams. The first person of a team takes the 2 eggs and lays one of the eggs out on the floor. The child steps on the first egg and then places the second egg in front of them. The child steps on the second egg, reaches back and picks up the first egg and then places that egg in front of them. Continue to the end of the course and then run back and tag the next team member.

Bunny Game

Make bunny faces for all of the children out of corrugated paper. Each bunny will need a white head, two white ears with pink inside, and two eyes made of any color. The nose is a black circle on a pink oval with black whiskers drawn on. The mouth is a black smile shape with two large white teeth. You can make a bow tie for each bunny out of yellow. The object of the game is to make a bunny face. Using a die, for each number rolled you get a piece of the bunny’s face. For example, roll a one and get a head, roll a two and get an ear, roll a three and get an eye, roll a four and get a nose, roll a five and get a mouth and roll a six and get the tie. Keep rolling until all have created a bunny face.

Popular Easter Games for Kids

* Pin the Tail on The Easter Bunny (Use a cotton ball and a simple picture of the bunny).

* Blow the Egg – Have a start line and finish line set up. Place a small plastic Easter egg at the start line and give the child a cardboard “fan”. Have the kids try to “fan” the egg across the finish line. It is harder than it seems, since the eggs aren’t round!

* Bingo – use jelly beans as your markers and let the kids eat them when they yell, “Bingo”.

More Easter Crafts

Tie Die Eggs

Kids are really into tie die these days, so they will love the results of this activity! Make up several colored dyes with food coloring or egg dye. Be sure they are fairly strong solutions (about 2 tablespoons of water to a tablet of dye). Add two or three drops of vinegar to each color to help the color stay. Now, dampen a piece of cloth with water and wrap it around the egg. With an eye dropper, drop spots of different colors of dye on the cloth. Twist the cloth tightly around the egg so the colors bleed together. Gently unwrap the egg and let it dry for totally groovy eggs!

* Make bunny ears by cutting white craft foam into ear shapes. Color the insides of the ears using a pink marker. Staple them to a white headband for the kids to wear home.

* Make Easter bonnets out of paper plates and paper bowls. First, place a paper bowl on top of a plate. Trace around the bowl and remove it. Cut the circle out of the plate using the traced line as a guide. Glue the two pieces together and have the kids decorate the hat with silk flowers and ribbon. They could also use markers or paint to color the entire “hat”.

* Again, use paper plates to create a cute bunny face. Cut one plate in half to be the ears. Staple the ears onto another paper plate. Have the kids make the face out of jelly bean eyes, fruit rollup bow ties, licorice whiskers.

Share your favorite Easter games, Easter crafts, and Easter activities with us!  Which Easter activity ideas have your children enjoyed the most?

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