April Fools! Party Ideas for Tricksters

Don’t Get Fooled in April- Try These Party Ideas

Aren’t you counting down the days until April 1? Why not? It’s the one day that comes with built-in fun- an April Fools party. No kidding. Actually, there’s a lot of kidding with none of the practicality of most party planning. Does this mean an April Fool’s Day parties require no planning? Are you kidding? Okay so you’re not kidding, but with or without practical jokes you can quickly put together this April 1 party without looking foolish.

April Fools Day Jelly Belly Beans

Transform The Home and/or Office Like Google Changed Its Name
One of the big practical jokes on April 1, 2010 was Google announcing it changed its name to Topeka and Topeka’s mayor announced he was informally changing the name of the town to Google. No need to go that far. Just change the name of the home or office to the Joker’s Headquarters with a Jester dancing photo banner.

An April Fool’s Guest List Like Yours
Mail party invitations and then surprise your guests with a special appearance at your party by President Obama and that lady from Alaska, Sarah Palin. And no joke you can add some voice to your two party celebrities with a motion activated voice box allowing you to record a 20-second message from Mr. President and a possible presidential candidate. Start your search for sound-a-likes. You say Tina Fey is coming to the party? Nice try!

No April Fools Party Is Complete Without An Ending

Make sure your party-goers are prepared for the big moment of your April 1 event with cans of streamer string. Now all are ready at the stroke of midnight to get silly and spray each other. You know of course this tradition began on April Fool’s Day not New Year’s Eve.

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