Decorate Your Hotel for Spring Break

Stellar Spring Break Hotel Parties
The snowbirds, families, and college kids are coming! Prepare your hotel or resort with inexpensive makeovers. Top hospitality managers know that planning extraordinary lobby presentations and parties impresses guests and secures repeat income. Create A+ “word-of-mouth” advertising when guests tell their friends that your hotel is better.

Let guests limbo for prizes during spring break.

Spring Break Party Banners
Display inviting banners outside the hotel entrance, in the lobby and above the reservation desk to announce your hotel as the official “Spring Break Oasis”. Professionally printed, personalized banners give your hotel an out-front, stand-up image.

Hotel Party Sets
Your lobby makes the first impression. A beach party kit creates the atmosphere for beach themed parties. (Don’t worry sand is not included!)  Consider decorating each area with a different set or party theme.

Hotel Party Activities

Fill the kids club and adult activities center with party games. Faceless cutouts are particularly popular staged at different areas in your hotel- near the restaurant entrance, by the elevators, and by the shuttle waiting area. Encourage guests to take pictures with some of the celebrities who frequent your hotel, including President Obama, Justin Bieber, and even Elvis.

Hotel Party Favors & Keepsakes

When guests take breaks at the hotel bar, give them party favors with themed, party picks. Before the last night, place photo personalized chocolate bars on guest pillows.  Take professional pictures of your hotel and upload them or your brand’s logo to make the photo wrappers.

Your Hotel is the Place to Party

Create reasons for guests to remember your hotel. Keep your business and add more business by creating outstanding, memorable, hotel parties!

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