Easter Parties & Hunt Ideas

Spring is in the air! Trees, grass, and flowers are reawakening from a long winter’s nap and the Easter bunny is getting ready for Easter egg hunts everywhere! Start planning your Easter party now, it will be here before you know it.

Easter Wall Decor and Spring Decorations

Decorate your walls with adorable Easter or Spring wall decals. These over-sized cheery wall decorations will brighten your space, and put a smile on your face! The decals are self-adhesive and they can be repositioned and moved without damaging your walls. There are also religious decorations available. Hang up elegant tissue daisies on your walls or from the ceiling. These large happy flowers come in blue, green, pink, yellow, and white. Elegant tissue butterflies are a beautiful addition to your spring time party decorations. They have a loop on the back to make them easy to hang.

Cake Pans and Tableware

Bake a delicious cake in one of the 3D cake pan sets. You can choose from an egg, a butterfly, a cute chick, or a cross to impress your guests with your baking skills. Make your table setting a snap with the bunny’s day out kit n kaboodle. The basic kit includes dinner plates, luncheon napkins, cups, plastic cutlery, pearl balloons, lavender plastic tablecover, and curling ribbon. The deluxe kit also includes a banner, an Easter egg mylar balloon, and streamers. For a religious table setting, there are a few nice choices in inspirational tableware.

Party Favor
Give your guests an Easter egg lollipop, which is a yummy chocolate lollipop with a personalized Easter wrapper. There are a few fun, Easter designs to choose from.

Easter Egg Hunt
Kids look forward to the annual Easter egg hunt! If there is not an organized Easter egg hunt in your area, why not start one in your neighborhood this year?! Advertise the egg hunt with a personalized Easter banner that lets you choose the wording for up to 3 lines of text. Project how many children might me at the egg hunt and decide how many eggs each child should collect. Then buy plastic eggs based on your calculation. You cannot go wrong by filling the eggs with jelly beans and Easter candy, but it is also fun to fill a few eggs with special prizes. Special prizes can be money, stickers, bouncy balls, bracelets, and the animal shaped rings and animal shaped bracelets can be a fun surprise too. Everyone will line up to have their picture taken in the personalized bunny photo stand in that features a bunny holding two giant eggs. Get that camera ready!

Make your hunt fun and remember it is a hunt, so keep in mind the ages of the children doing the hunting and hide the eggs accordingly.

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