The Academy Awards – Let the Party Begin

With just ten days to go, Hollywood is busy preparing for the big glitz and glamour that is the 83rd Academy Awards. For movie fanatics, or for people who just like an excuse to party, there is still time for you to join in the celebration with an exclusive, Oscar night party for friends and family. Much like the organizers of the Academy Awards, you can extend a designer invitation, create a fabulous atmosphere, and fill the evening with prizes, favors, and great company.

Oscar says “You’re Invited.” Say the same to your guests with gold accented, film canister invitations that you hand deliver. Include with the invitation an official list of Oscar nominees that guests will use to predict the winner in each category.

When the stars arrive, they are received with much fanfare: red carpet, paparazzi and sparkling decorations. You can easily create the same look in the reception area of your event space with pieces from the A Night at the Premiere decorating kit. Roll out the red carpet runner, and line it with paparazzi standees. Immediately kick off the fun by setting up the evening’s photo op right there on the red carpet. Take the picture of the guests surrounded with paparazzi, or peeking through a red carpet photo stand in. Finally, usher them in through the entrance glamorized with the kit’s star-studded, silver and black arch adorned with free-standing silver stars.

Continue the atmosphere of exclusivity into the party space with more red, black, gold and silver accents. Hang and drape panels of metallic, or solid color gossamer about the room. The gossamer can also be used to decorate tables and chairs. If chairs need only minimal decoration, use the gossamer to tie bows around the backs.

Don’t forget the food. For the past 30 years, the Oscars has held an annual luncheon for its nominees. So, to maximize your representation of the Academy Awards gala, there must be food. Serve salad, a main course, and delectable desserts to your friends and family on plates found in the black and gold colored, star attraction Hollywood tableware ensemble. The bold pattern enhances the already flattering look of the gossamer decorated tables and chairs.

The Academy Awards evening is all about recognizing the best of the best. Hold activities that identify the best of the best among your guests. Have everyone follow their winners picks, made before the party, throughout the course of the evening. The awards statue goes to the individual who gets them all right. If more than one person predicts them all correctly, then have the winner decided through a “winner’s acceptance speech” competition. All finalists will have the opportunity to “accept the award,” and the one with the best acceptance speech wins. Throughout the night, hold mini charade competitions during the commercials. Keep track of the points that teams win and, when the Academy Awards program is over, the team with the most points also wins an awards statue.

Even the nominees who don’t win an Oscar don’t go home empty handed, and neither should your guests. Thank your guests for coming with gift bags full of Hollywood party favors. Any combination of lip gloss, chocolate, key tags, photo frames for their red carpet photo, and candy is sure to make them feel special.

Your Academy Awards party will be such a success that it won’t just be Hollywood’s elite that will be looking forward to the next Oscar season.

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