A Celebratory Egyptian Party

Egypt is in the news with the advent of democracy. Join the spirit of celebration, and host a colorful, exciting, Egyptian party of your own. Begin by selecting your larger pieces and then build on them to bring the whole evening together – from invitations to party favors, and from entrances to backdrops. The Arabian Nights complete theme kit, with its sparkling decorations, is the perfect collection of Egyptian themed decorations for a celebratory atmosphere.

Theme Kit Set-up

With the elements of the Arabian nights complete theme kit, the party décor is well underway. Place the purple luminescent circle arch in the center of the dance floor flanked on each side with a lighted, Arabian paradise pool found in the Arabian Paradise kit. Create a really fun, celebratory canopy above the arch with panels of gold, purple, blue, and green solid gossamer draped from a lighted wire hanger decorating accessory. Scatter gold, purple, blue, and green latex balloons in and around the pool to echo the gossamer canopy. Introduce the elements of the Egyptian landscape by placing the glitter tree included in the kit, and additional tropical glitter trees, throughout the space, near the entrance, and into the hallways. Place the kit’s genie standee near a tree, the golden magic lamp near the entrance, and the flying carpet above a few glitter trees grouped together.

Invitations to Party Favors

Enthusiasm for the Egyptian party will build once guests are presented with gold holographic maxi tickets providing them with all of the party’s details. The light dancing around the holographic pattern gives everyone a hint as to the sparkling event you are hosting.

Send guests home with an equally unique party favor. Play off of the Egyptian genie lamp motif, seen throughout the party’s décor, by offering genie lamps that, during the party, serve as table decoration. Surround the lamp with the same shred and mylar of the pool.

A Wow Entrance and Scene Setting Backdrops

Appropriately introduce your guests to the Egyptian celebration by decorating the entrance frame and immediate surrounding areas. Cover the door frame with a black metal arch accented with clear string lights. Incorporate the evening’s color scheme by draping more of the gossamer fabric used to create the canopy over and around the arch. Center the Arabian lamp from the kit above the black metal arch and in front of the gossamer panels. Accessorize the hallway leading up to the entrance with a few gold swirl luminescent columns wrapped in more of the decorative gossamer used over the entrance and in the canopy. Scatter latex balloons around the column bases and on the floor up to the entrance.

Don’t forget to cover drab or unsightly walls with backdrops and wall covering materials.  Cover interior walls with colorful, backdrops depicting scenes from Egypt. Use an Egyptian background showing the Sphinx on one side of the room, and a Pyramid background on the other. Add three-dimensional impact to these backgrounds by adding Sphinx standees in front of the Pyramid background and, for the popular photo op, a personalized couple stand in near the Egyptian background.

Bring all of these decorative supplies together, and you and your guests will surely have an Egyptian celebration to remember.

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