The Importance of Employee Recognition

Employers and supervisors know they can improve employee morale with recognition for good work. The biggest questions are when or how to do  it? The answer to “when” is now, if you want to see an increase in productivity. For the how, here are some ideas.

  • It doesn’t hurt to be flashy.

Award a different employee each week with the flashing spirit button. Soon every worker will want one. You establish and communicate the criteria needed to receive the award.

  • Take it to the streets.

Improve employee engagement, loyalty and retention with sales spirit meetings and send salespeople out on the street with antenna balls advertising the spirit of your new sales promotion. A potential customer could see it and buy into the idea.

  • Surprise!

Surprise the staff with company picnic and transform the break room into a party paradise with customized party supplies. Fill the dollar bags with cash or prizes for the top-earners, over-achievers, and lucky winners. Find a way to include the receptionist—the first  link with your company.

  • Theme it up.

Sales meeting themes (theme meetings) are just more fun than the usual weekly meeting.  That’s why it’s important they understand how to earn them and not just expect them. If it’s a star party, they  should know why they get to be photographed on the red carpet.

  • Find a good helper.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to creating a health, productive workplace. You will have to experiment with a variety of ideas to find what works best.

The key is to find reward the hard work and effort of employees that work for you with a wide variety employee recognition items and ideas.

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