The Gold Standard Retirement Party

The greatest step in a person’s working relationship with the world is retirement. They did it the old fashioned way, “They earned it.” Make them know you understand that with a retirement party that goes for the “gold.” Start by inviting friends, family, and fellow workers with a custom invitation. A custom invitation is the easy, fun, and fast way to go. Custom designed invitations come to you in only 5 business days.

The Whole Kit-N-Kaboodle Cleans Up
A lot of the party time will be spent at the table with eating and fellowship. Put gold tableware on your shopping list. Grace the table with a gold plastic table cover and the gold plastic kit-n-kaboodle featuring knife, fork, spoon, and dinner and salad plates. Big party planners should go for the gold 100’ plastic table roll to cover all dinner and serving tables. What’s nice is all these items make for easy clean-up after party goodbyes have been said.

Add Those Little Extras
Your retiree is special so add a memorable moment when guests toast the achievement with the battery activated LED accent water lights toasting glass. It flashes red, blue and green! Add that little extra to the dining and serving table tops with the swirls and stars confetti and focus on the theme of the party with a retired centerpiece.

Something for The Ride Home
Party favors are always nice gifts for the party goers to receive when coming to the party. The favor celebrates the event and is given to attendees at the outset of the party. But at your next gold standard retirement party give a “going away” party favor. Give out the create-a-candy bar favor with personalized chocolate bar wrappers. Other wonderful, flavorful ideas are the create a custom mint tin and the create a cookie tin favor. Just some sweet ideas for your gold standard retirement party coming up!

What neat things happened at your retirement party?

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