Valentine’s Day Classroom Ideas

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance and lovers. Spread the love with a Valentine’s Day celebration in your classroom. Give the students Valentine invitations that let them know you’re going to devote an entire day to Valentine’s themed activities. Begin by decorating your room with Valentine’s Day decorations and hanging a personalized Valentine’s Day banner to get the students excited about the day.

Tie in all of the subject areas during your Valentine’s Day celebration:

Art: Create Valentine’s rather than buying them. Cover your tables and desks with Valentine’s tableware to catch all the glitter and glue.

P.E.: Play tag. The “tagger” is can be cupid for the day.

Music: Listen to the top 10 love songs of the decade (be sure to pre-screen these and be sure they’re appropriate for your students).

Math and Science: Bake–this incorporates measurement, fractions, and the principles of mixtures. Use heart shaped cake pans or heart cookie treat pans to make your own desserts.

Reading/Writing: Give each of your students a box of candy message hearts (No eating yet!). Students must read each message and use each (that doesn’t repeat) in a story. Share the stories at the end of the class time.

Social Studies: Research the origins of Valentine’s Day and why it’s celebrated.

No celebration is complete without food! You will have already made your dessert, so have the students bring something in to share with the entire class. Be sure you have plenty of classic pink tableware and classic red tableware to go around. Finish off the day with fun photos that students can take home as keepsakes. Now everyone can play cupid with the cupid photo stand in!

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