Mardi Gras – New Orleans style

        Mardi Gras is officially the period before Lent, but these days, everyone celebrates it, especially in New Orleans. The official Mardi Gras colors were chosen in 1872: Purple (representing justice), Green (representing faith) and Gold (representing power). It’s most common to see these colors used in parades, Venetian style masks, costumes, and beads. Other typical Mardi Gras celebrations include dancing and sports competitions. Mardi Gras is March 8th, so whether or not your party is on then or another time, we have work to do to prepare! Don’t worry, Shindigz will make it easy.
        Shindigz has so much to choose from for your Mardi Gras party. The first thing is Mardi Gras invitations so your guests know exactly how to prepare. Send them to Shindigz for masks and beads!
        Next, how about a giant mask for your entrance?! That’ll set the tone. Then grab a Venetian mask for yourself. Be sure to decorate your house with purple, green and gold party supplies. How about purple plates, green beads, and gold balloons? You can mix it up any way you want. Pressed for time? Try a Mardi Gras Kit N Kaboodle—then it’s all done for you.
       Create the feel of being in New Orleans wherever you are. Check out our Mardi Gras recipes and blast some fantastic jazz. You could even hire a jazz band for the night!
You don’t need to be observing Lent or in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. It’s a fantastically fun party no matter where you are. Throw on a mask, decorate your space, gather your friends, and dance all night!

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