Soothing Party Ideas- Reduce Holiday Stress

         Don’t let the holidays stress you out.   Make your life simple by implementing a few easy strategies, being organized, and taking time out to de-stress.   Have a lot of people for which to buy gifts? No more trying to remember who’s taken care of—make a list of every person and keep the list with you. Then, when you see something perfect for someone, buy it and write it down. 

        Some large families and offices have narrowed down their gift lists by creating a Secret Santa.  In Secret Santa, everyone’s name gets thrown in a hat and a spending limit is set.  Each person then draws one name secretly.   This way of gift giving can be fun & reduce your gifts from twenty to only one! Now you can focus on getting that one person something really perfect.

        Make sure to put important dates on a calendar that everyone in your house has access to so that when the party/trip/photos come around, everyone will be ready.

        If you’re throwing a party, consider making it a soothing one. Create your own invitations that’ll hint at the theme and personalize them by using your own photos!

       Here are some party planning tips:

  • Set up your buffet table the night before. Put a label down where each food will be, plus hot pads and utensils. You can even place the serving dish there, too, if you haven’t yet made the food. Then you know how much room you have on the buffet, and there’s no last minute running around trying to find large spoons!
  • Don’t forget to put out the small things like toothpicks and paper goods.
  • Mugs can make cute and inexpensive holders for plastic utensils.
  • Making your buffet several levels (by putting a shoe box or hat box underneath the table cloth for added stability and height) adds visual interest.
  • Put plentiful food items at the beginning of the buffet (so guests fill up on the easy stuff) and enlist a friend to help keep an eye on what might need replenishing throughout the night so you’re not doing it all yourself. 

          Nothing’s more relaxing than candles. LED lights will twinkle all day safely and set a calming mood. Put them on the buffet or around your house.

         Create your own dance party mix on your mp3 player or use a great party mix like the 50’s music CD that’s sure to make any guest want to kick off their shoes and start dancing.

        Instead of guests bringing gifts, tell guests to bring gift ideas! That might help spark ideas for you and others during the holiday season. Consider donations to charities in people’s names—it’s always a perfect gift for the person that already has everything.

If all of the above doesn’t work…get a piñata and beat your stress away!


  • Have to agree about the 50’s music cd as an option, that music even unrelated to the holiday season just shouts christmas cheer to me. Those old songs are fantastic played at a party.
    My 6 year old is actually a fan now of that genre. SO im sure other kids would like it too.

  • If you have outdoor space, you can move some of the festivities outside too, even if the weather is frightful. Light a fire outside (with caution, preferably with an outdoor fire pit), and have a smores station. You can also serve hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. Make the kids a part of the party by having them string lights outside.

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