Memorable Winter Parties

  Many major hotels have an afternoon tea. High tea is typically served at 5pm and has a lovely assortment of finger sandwiches and a box full of tea selections. It can be quite pricey and quite formal, but incredibly fun. Little girls sometimes have tea parties with stuffed animals.  I say, have your own. 

  Some days, an adult tea party is just what the doctor ordered. You can make a most memorable birthday party with all your female friends and do something really special. Dust off your fanciest hat, drag out your white gloves, dress up like Donna Reed and give yourself permission to use your grandmother’s china tea set. Set up your table with old fashioned table cloths and doilies.  If you want something easier for cleanup, Shindigz has some lovely silver plastic cutlery you could pair with silver banded plates that would create an elegant table for your guests.   Add some insulated hot cups and your clean up is done!

 This is the perfect opportunity to clear all the teas you have hidden in your cupboard and organize them in a pretty box. Try an old cigar box, decorate a shoe box, or some other creative way of displaying them.

 Traditional finger sandwiches are usually displayed on a 3 tier serving platter. We need to make a lovely assortment with some new flavors and some old standards. The most classic sandwich is also super simple, the cucumber sandwich. Then try a smoked salmon and cream cheese on pumpernickel. If you’re drinking a strong flavor tea, you might want a subtle sandwich to balance. Or maybe your tea is light and therefore you pair it with a hearty sandwich of roast beef, caramelized onions and horseradish sauce on rye. Finish the meal with a fabulous array of petit fours, cookies, and rugelach (the perfect bite sized cake). Are you getting excited yet?

  Whether you do a classic high tea with all the antique frills, or a simple and whimsical tea party, your guests will have a wonderful time sipping with their pinkies up and giggling. So bring out the little girl inside and play dress up!

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