Humorous Party Ideas & Products

       Do you, or someone you know, need some serious cheering up this year?  Remember when we were kids and parties were supposed to be fun, not work?  We can do that as adults, too.  What if we throw a party that’s specifically designed to make us laugh the whole day (or night) through? Can we do this?  Yes we can. Shindigz will help.

       When we were kids, our parents may have hired a clown to entertain us.  As adults, if it’s a very large party, we can hire a stand-up comic.  Comics can be hired for 15 minutes to an hour long set.  I suggest no more than a half hour, or get two comics to do 20 minutes each. Inform the comic ahead of time who your guest-of-honor is and some favorite things or quirks about them.  Give the comic a little ammunition.

 What party games did you like as a kid?  Do you want to be active, or cerebral?  You can be both if you play Celebrity. 

  • Split into two groups.
  • Everyone puts 5-10 names of celebrities/characters/people you all know on slips of paper and into a hat.
  • Each round, one person from each group (at a time) will draw names from the hat and their group will have to guess the person. Save the papers of the names already drawn. Alternate group turns until you have finished all the names. Set a time limit of 1 ½ to 3 minutes.
  • Round 1: you can do or say anything about the name you draw.
  • Round 2: you have 3 words only to convey the name.
  • Round 3: total charades.

       Therefore, people from both teams have to pay attention because the same names will come back each round.  So even if you don’t know the name in the first round, you’ll know it by the next round.  The game can be played without doing all 3 rounds.  There are tons of variations, but it’s a lot of fun.

       What was the most fun thing about going to others’ parties as a kid? Grab bags!  We can make party favor bags for all our guests that’ll inspire them to keep their inner-kid alive inside for months to come.  chocolate and candy are a must to include.  You can design your own.  Small games and puzzles are perfect also.

       Get creative with fun ways to entertain.  Don’t throw a stuffy party without the fun. Bring out the kid in all of us.  Play!

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