Amazing Winter Theater Backgrounds & Props

Winter Sets & Backgrounds:
Let’s put on a show! Shindigz saves your production extra time and money with amazing winter sets and props. Transform an empty stage into a winter playground with a snowflake fantasy kit or present a western holiday twist. Hitch a stylized winter sleigh kit to a desert sunset.

Kids Christmas Show Props:
The children are jumping up and down with excitement to put on a Christmas show for guests. Good for them! Help them address custom party invitations with details about the event. Order a Christmas scene setter kit or other Christmas decorations to professionalize the fine acting at the show. If they are retelling a fairytale or nativity story, consider ordering a fairytale decorating kit as the backdrop to a large, Christmas event full of big dreams and gifts. 
Community Theater Ideas & Backgrounds:
Rent out the local theater, community center, or house of worship to host an event or lecture. No theater should be dark at night. Cross advertise between organizations. Sell refreshments at intermission. Hang something simple that’s reusable and virtually indestructible. A simple, black, fringe curtain can be used for concerts, readings, or mystery dinner shows.
Shindigz’ simple set pieces are easy on your budget and time. After you pick a play, create a list of set pieces and winter props you’ll need for the show.

With so many theme party decorations to choose from, maybe you’d like to put on 50’s play or a western for diversion.  Buy inexpensive backgrounds made of solid or patterned decorating fabrics and flat paper.  Whether you’re hosting a large benefit or a simple, nativity scene these props will help you create a background set at your theater.

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