Tide Kids Over with Thanksgiving Healthy Snack Ideas

Use these healthy snack ideas on Thanksgiving Day or anytime over Thanksgiving weekend to keep little hands busy and to keep tummies from growling — and remember, presentation is half the fun!

• CORNUCOPIA OF TREATS – Create a centerpiece by filling a horn-of-plenty (cornucopia) basket with healthy snacks such as apples, bananas, little baggies filled with grapes, popcorn, or a variety of mini muffins (cornbread, blueberry, pumpkin). Many specialty and grocery store bakeries are now offering bread in a cornucopia shape. Add little bowls of bread toppings (butter, jam, peanut butter, etc.) to the table, and the children can munch on the centerpiece during the party!

• SNACK HATS – Serve dry snacks in Pilgrim Hats turned upside down. Popcorn, pretzels, or wrapped goodies all look much more appetizing when the presentation is cute!

• CRANBERRY CRITTERS – Cut a log of canned jellied cranberry sauce into 10 slices. Use cookie cutters to cut thanksgiving shapes out of the slices. As an alternative, use a pan of set Jell-O® (using the “Jigglers” recipe) to create cutouts.

• NOT-QUITE-TURKEY SANDWICHES – Make sandwiches using favorite ingredients (PB&J, bologna, ham and cheese, honey and banana), and cut out full-sized cookie cutter turkeys. For adventurous children, try pumpernickel bread. Sliced green olives, little pieces of carrots, raisins, and chocolate chips make terrific eyes, and no turkey would be complete without a little pimento or red licorice wattle! Serve on rich chocolate brown tableware.

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