Gather Family and Friends with Thanksgiving Invitations

This annual holiday is observed as a day to commemorate the Pilgrim’s harvest of 1621, to give thanks for blessings great and small, and to feast! Thanksgiving is a family holiday — a perfect time to gather loved ones, so why not share your Thanksgiving party with several families? The festivities need not be elaborate…just an opportunity for some quality time.

Find a cute and memorable way to invite your family and friends over for a Thanksgiving celebration. Here are a few suggestions to help you get your creative thinking going!

• Collect an array of fall leaves from your yard. Place them as a stencil on card stock. Using fall-colored spray paint, lightly spray the card then remove the leaf. You should have a nice outline of a leaf on the front of your card! Write in party details when the leaf invitations are fully dry.

• If you can hand deliver your invitations, here’s an idea that is sure to spice up the season. Use Thanksgiving cutouts as invitations. Write party info on the back of the small-to-medium cutouts (saving the largest ones for Thanksgiving decorating). Punch a hole in each cutout/invitation and attach a length of raffia to the cutout and to the stem of an apple or small pumpkin. Tell your guests that they are sure to reap heaps of harvest fun at this event!

• If you aren’t the crafty type and wish to use the mail instead, simply use a basic party invitation and stuff it full of Leaf Confetti.

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