Celebrate with a Colorful Rainbow Party

All over the world, rainbows symbolize dreams, faith, good fortune and optimism. Double rainbows are considered an omen of a double helping of blessings and of transformation. Beauty and positive symbolism make the rainbow a perfect party theme for many occasions.

  • A rainbow party is a wonderful theme for a birthday party, particularly a milestone birthday that of itself symbolizes transformation; e.g., Quinceañera or Sweet 16.

  • The rainbow’s reputation as a harbinger of good fortune makes it a natural for baby showers, graduation, retirement celebrations and bon voyage parties.

  • Rainbow colors are associated with parts of the 60s and 70s so many a retro party makes use of these colors.

  • Dreams of the Future and Dreams Come True make a rainbow theme a perennial candidate for prom and graduation events.

  • Of course, the rainbow is nearly indispensable to a St. Patrick’s Day or other Irish party!
  • Instead of trying to decorate with 5 or 6 colors, we recommend in most cases sticking with 3 or fewer and then bringing in the full spectrum strategically. St. Patrick’s Day might involve 2 shades of green or green with gold; if your party has a guest of honor, use his or her favorite color(s) for most of the wall, ceiling and table decorations. Save space for one or two large decorating pieces that bring home the theme, such as a customized rainbow banner, mural or arch. Finally, add table accents in the form of rainbow mylar balloons and rainbow-and-gold mint tins.

    Dreams really can come true! Turn your party dreams into reality with Rainbow party supplies.

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