Decorate a Fairytale Castle Party for Grownups

A castle or fairytale theme is often a top choice of young princesses, but there are plenty of ways for persons of any age to enjoy this theme. Here are three ideas for fairytale castle-themed events for grownups.

Romantic Medieval World. A medieval castle theme such as Night in Camelot is a classic prom theme and a good choice for an indoor evening fundraising event. Start with a blue-and-white twinkle star patterned poly vinyl on the upper 2/3 of the walls, and a flagstone corrugated paper on the bottom 1/3 to look like an evening upon the battlements of a castle. Cover floors with a cobblestone flat paper. Place the arch and castle from the Knights of Camelot decorating kit centrally and near the entrance of the party venue so that attendees can choose to cross the drawbridge to get into the main party room, but far enough back from the entrance that it can serve as a photo setting later. Use additional walls and columns from this kit to divide party room spaces; for example, to create a “nook” in one corner for silent auction tables.

Dreams Coming True. Soaring staircases, lighted blue gossamer windows and an entrance that looks like a royal carriage make the Fairytale decorating kit a show-stopper for a wedding or Valentine’s Day event. Place the castle and staircases in a corner near the entrance of a smaller event space, or right in the middle of a large room.

Cover tables in light blue table covers and white skirting. Use white chair covers. Set tables with white and gold tableware, gold stunning centerpieces and gold heart confetti.

Ice Castle Drama. Use an Ice Castle theme for any holiday or winter party, including New Year’s. Start with our Ice Castle kit, or play up lavender hues against blue and white with a castle silhouette against a wall of lavender shimmera and castle-tower columns from the Once Upon a Dream decorating kit. Add white fir trees, aisle runners of lavender flat paper and our exclusive giant free-standing snowflakes to complete the winter castle dreamland.

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