Wedding Planning Tips: Ceremony Site Preparation

Here are a few wedding planning tips for a ceremony that’s not only special, but free of mishaps too.

  • Prepare the aisle runner for action by asking the florist or a trustworthy friend to secure one end of the runner with heavy pins or tape in the appropriate place. The ushers can then pull it out to just the right position upon the appearance of the bride. Be sure to remind the ushers to smooth out wrinkles and to watch for upturned edges.
  • If the bride and groom would like to approach each set of parents during a hymn or after the lighting of the unity candle, to offer hugs and brief messages of gratitude, ask the florist to place enough loose roses in the bridal bouquet to present to each parent during this lovely ritual.

  • Place a basket of essential, last-minute grooming and fix-up items in the church bathroom. Include items for makeup touchups, safety pins, mini sewing kit, brush and comb, breath mints, bobby pins and whatever else comes to mind as potentially useful in a wedding-party crisis.

  • Each of our ring pillows comes with two satin ribbons for tying the rings on securely. If your ring bearer is very young, you may be nervous about tying on the actual rings and somehow losing them. In this case tie on fake gold bands to the pillow, because young ring bearers often take their roles very seriously and become upset if no rings are in sight when the big moment comes.
  • A little pre-planning can ensure the happy couple gets hitched without a hitch!

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