Stunning Holiday Wedding Ideas

Weddings scheduled on or near holidays create many opportunities to honor traditions and to bring a fresh take to those traditions.

As usual, one of your first decisions will be about your wedding theme event colors. The choices are not always as obvious as a person might think. Halloween and Thanksgiving don’t automatically have to be pumpkin orange, but instead could be dressed in a stately autumn chrysanthemum burgundy with brown and gold accents. Christmas could take up the burgundy or go dusty rose instead of red.

One terrific advantage nowadays is the availability of floral accompaniments which, through breeding and dying techniques, offer alternatives to traditional colors. Poinsettias can be blue or gold. Some varieties of potted shamrocks for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding have purple foliage or yellow flowers.

Try to include real or artificial trees and boughs in holiday wedding decorating also. Potted, flocked evergreens with twinkle lights might be obvious, but they still make quite an impact at a Christmas wedding. Tall, bare willow branches might be used spring or fall, painted in white or silver and employed in centerpieces or tied prettily with gossamer streamers to the ends of church pews.

Once the colors are set, consider also selecting a symbol that has meaning both for the holiday and for wedded bliss. Stars are evocative of wishes and moonlit serenades, but also are natural for decorating patriotic holidays. You could perhaps select a pair of doves as a Christmas-wedding symbol, or a rose (or, of course, hearts) for a Valentine’s Day wedding. The symbol can be etched or imprinted on gifts, wedding favors, and napkins.

Try to incorporate traditional holiday food and drink into your holiday wedding, such as hot cider at Christmastime or champagne cocktails on New Year’s.

Look for elegant decorations and tableware in your holiday wedding theme colors, including balloons and centerpieces, in our holiday party and wedding supply pages.

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