4th Quarter Business Party Ideas

If you are scheduling a business party in the coming months, follow a process that quickly narrows your focus to facilitate planning.

First, establish the overall goal and budget. Is this a celebration of success, an opportunity to entertain clients, or essentially a team-building exercise? Once you’ve spelled out the main objectives of the event and the numbers, deciding on the level of formality, tone and venue becomes a snap.

Please see this earlier post for business party slogan and invitation ideas. As you can see, we are kind of partial to humorous themes and slogans that encourage a bit of tie-loosening and not to take ourselves too seriously!

A laid-back, relaxed atmosphere allows creative juices to flow – and speaking of which, if your office is full of grown-ups why not host a Mad Men themed party? Imprint Foil Brite place cards with your company logo, write in Mad Men characters’ names and watch hilarity ensue as colleagues select their seats. Serve 60s favorites like rumaki and chilled, shaken martinis poured into quirky twist stem glassware.

As we head into fall and winter, consider going with seasonal themes. Set a festive autumnal tone in board room or break room with fall tissue lanterns, glitter leaves and other fall party supplies. For gala holiday and year-end business party celebrations, select a large decorating piece such as our winter background illustration or snowflake arch to inspire color choices in business party invitations, decorations and tableware.

Is it an awards event? Be sure to check out the Employee Recognition store, too.

Whether it’s a retirement, office birthday or corporate event on your business party planning horizon, shop ShindigZ office party supplies for ideas and answers.

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