Twelve 2010 Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding a trendy Halloween costume that initiates witty conversations can leave anyone feeling lost for ideas. So, we’ve compiled a quick list to inspire your creativity. Consider these twelve, inexpensive Halloween costume ideas from this year’s top news and entertainment stories.

Avatar Neytiri Adult Costume
Avatar Neytiri Adult Costume

1. Sleek and sexy, this Avatar Neytiri adult costume transports fans to another planet.

2. Alice in Wonderland costumes are in this Halloween! Team up with friends and go to the event in a Red Queen Deluxe Women’s Costume, an Alice Movie Poster Deluxe women’s costume, and a Mad Hatter men’s costume.

3. If you carry an Elmo pinata and wear a plastic fraulein vest Halloween costume, your celebrity interview may be cancelled.

4. Dress as a mature, football player. Instead of throwing an inflatable football at pretty reporters holding inflatable microphones, give them these beaded football necklaces.

5. You’re amazing on the celebrity dance floor in this dancing queen costume. Add on to create a Lady Gaga Halloween costume. Cook up meat-like gelatin with this brain mold and serve it with your 2010 costume.

6. ‘Tis the year for political Halloween costume ideas. Run for office all night long. Sport a political party hat. Hand out American flags and show off excessive personalized photo buttons.

7. World Cup fever continues when you wear your favorite, futbol jersey, soccer funtoos and a plastic soccer hat Halloween costume.

8. Australia is the place to be this year. Travel down under with a famous television host and her audience. Wear a western hat or plastic pith hat and fasten Outback road signs and Australia city signs to a tan shirt or jacket.

Sarah Palin Life Size Standee
Sarah Palin Life Size Standee

9. Bring a Sarah Palin life size standee or a Michelle Obama life size standee with you when you trick or trick as endorsement for extra candy.

10. Simple and inexpensive, pirate wearables costumes bring home the loot at the end of the night.

11. “Pull a Slater” Halloween costume. Give sour candy to mouthy trick-or-treaters. Tip a captain’s hat and light a beer candle.

12. Wear a golf tie Halloween costume and carry your camera to trick-or-treat at Tiger’s house.

Take these 2010 Halloween costume ideas and springboard them to make your own costume creations. Do share your unique Halloween party ideas and top, Halloween costume picks with us, when you have a moment.

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