Shep & Wendy Moyle’s 20th Anniversary Best Party List

Shep and Wendy Moyle
Shep and Wendy Moyle celebrate their 20th Wedding Anniversary, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010 marks the 20th wedding anniversary of Shindigz owners, Shep and Wendy Moyle.

From Wendy: As party of our 20th anniversary celebration, here are the 20 most exciting parties that have happened in the Moyle family the past 20 years:

1. Wedding party – great band (Dr. Bop and the Headliners), friends from all over, family, yummy food (or so I was told since I didn’t have time to eat), beautiful room at the IU Memorial Union and an awesome date!

2. My 40th surprise party – I had no idea. Luau party theme around the pool, more dancing, fabulous decor and loads of chocolate.

3. Madison’s Sweet 16 – white out party. Wonderful group of teens, the set up amazing with lights, white balloons and a bit of neon.

4. Max’s Harry Potter party with a backyard full of boys running/flying around on brooms, dressed as Harry Potter looking for the golden snitch.

5. Chase’s construction party with mini construction cars everywhere, a “dirt” cookie crumb cake, boys in hard hats and a visit from our friend who works in construction with a real Bobcat.

6. Shep’s birthday golf surprise party. Where we all played a 9-hole scramble. He too was surprised. The golf decor so much fun with each table a different hole design.

7. My parent’s 50th anniversary where we all took a trip together complete with color coordinating T-shirts by family.

8. My 49th birthday (hard to believe it was this year) the triathlon scavenger hunt that sent me all over the 1000 islands in Ontario by bike, foot and water. Followed by a surprise party with family (like a mini reunion) I’m not sure if the Wendy candy bars, wendy mini standees or the banners were the biggest hit with old and young alike. I did eat at this party and it was delicious.

9. 50s Sock hop at School – the ShindigZ team did a great job with the help of the 9th grade class to transform the school cafeteria into a 50’s diner. The hot dogs and root beer floats never tasted better. And I think I could get used to the poodle skirt!

10. Grand Mary’s 70th was a wonderful surprise party. With the Swing Band theme everyone was up dancing old and young alike.

11. Euchre parties quarterly – it is hard to select one exact euchre party, but we have been getting together 4 times a year to play cards with a great group of friends. Through the years we get fewer rounds in but the laughs have increased. Always a favorite.

12. Third Grade Christmas party – western theme. It was a hoot. The kids all decorated red cowboy hats with garland and bells, we played a bit of country christmas music and laughed as the teacher attempted to pop the balloon by sitting on it in the balloon/pop/christmas charades relay race.

13. 8th grade graduation – so far we have celebrated two 8th grade graduations. With banners tied to the trolley and large banners with photos from kindergarten on up. A happy passing of time. This year, we will celebrate a high school graduation.

14. Fall hay rides/bonfires – although I prefer the warm weather, there is nothing like a cool fall afternoon/evening around the bonfire. My friend Carol fills Sunday’s in October with fun around the fire, great food and a hay ride with much song singing. I have been to so many, I’ve lost count. My favorite is when our friend Richard from South Africa joined us – we still laugh about the “why do we ride around in the woods in a wagon filled with hay?”. Not a common activity in SA.

15. Annual Christmas Cookie exchange- my calm in the December holiday storm of events. Fabulous girlfriends, yummy food, book exchange, laughter and much girl talk. And perhaps a glass of wine or two. This past year I gave personalized cookie tins filled with delicious Brownstone cookies as a party gift.

16. Chase and Max’s basketball parties. Basketball is a much loved sport around our home so each of the boys has had at least one basketball party. The sports theme that never gets old.

17. Madison pochantas birthday party – it was a scorcher of a day and temperatures were high inside the tee pee. I’m not sure our tribe noticed!

18. New Year’s Eve – we’ve spent many years bringing in the new year with just our family. We bang pots and pans, watch the fireworks and don our best party hats, leis and horns.

19. Annual Halloween trolley – our kids may never stop trick-or-treating. Our simple neighborhood Halloween party has turned into a family and teenage affair. We all still dress and there is much candy being exchanged once collected. The trolley is filled to capacity, but no one seems to mind. I love Halloween.

20. 20th anniversary – party for 2. Just underway!


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