New for Halloween 2010: Door Topper Curtains

ShindigZ Party introduces 3 new door topper curtain designs for Halloween 2010. Each curtain is 10 feet long and 40” wide, and the top can be personalized with a line of text. The curtain itself is a wavy black metallic fringe.

  • The Beware Door Topper depicts a full moon and a raven overlooking a silhouetted cemetery in the distance.
  • The Tombstone Door Topper Curtain features a simple row of gothic-looking tombstones.
  • The Spiders Topper is a black background contrasted with neon spiders and webs. This design allows for 2 lines of personalized text.
  • A Halloween Door Topper Curtain is an affordable way to greet guests with your own message and add festivity and a bit of mystery to what lies beyond. Try coordinating a door topper with some of your other dance or party area materials such as black wavy metallic table skirts or our new Black Wavy Curtains, which can be used as background material for a stage or photo backdrop or function as a partial room divider.

    Our new designs join the awesome Spider Web Entrance and other fabulous Halloween Entrances such as arches and door accents. Be sure to check out what we have for door, and other Halloween décor in our online catalogs.


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