If Ye Be Hostin’ a Pirate Party for Grownup Buccaneers

The 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out in a few months… International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19…Somebody’s birthday is coming up…You have relatives in Pittsburgh…Halloween will be here before you know it! Whew! If you need an excuse to throw a pirate-themed party, you won’t have far to look!

Need more reasons? Piratefestivals.com lists about 100 communities in the US and Canada that host annual pirate festivals and faires. Pirates are hot, and ShindigZ Party offers a full line of Pirate Party Supplies for partying on boat deck, backyard deck and elsewhere.

We’ve posted a-plenty on children’s pirate parties, but now offer some ideas for the adult buccaneer.

Pirate Party Decorations

Point your spyglass toward the Treasure Bay or Pirates Cove collections for large pirate decoration pieces such as ships and palm trees. Dig up a treasure chest prop and plenty of fishnet, raffia and colorful tissue parrots. Use a skull-and-crossbones flag to mark the party spot, or one of our pirate banners that you can personalize with event information.

For evening functions, we are loving the lighting effects of our safe Table Torch Decoration and Hanging Flaming Torch!

Pirate Party Activities

Haul in affordable scarves, vests and other pirate wearables in adult sizes at ShindigZ Party. With everyone so garbed, send guests into town on a scavenger treasure hunt.

For additional grownup activities, we recommend visiting websites such asTalkLikeAPirate.com, where you can generate hilarious pirate names and personas for all of your guests, pick up new recipes for grog, and learn a sea chantey or two.

Aaarghh! Best get ye to collectin’ yer booty for the big bash, Matey! ;-)

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