Haunting Halloween Decorations: Harvest Moon & Spooky 3D Tree Standees

If we were to pick out what we consider to be Halloween decorating “staples,” two of them would be the Harvest Moon and our Spooky 3D Tree Standees because they’re highly adaptable to many Halloween themes.

“Moon” your flying witches, werewolf- or zombie-infested woods, haunted cemeteries and any sort of ghost, monster or bat themes. Let it “glow” orange-ly on its own, or allow it to peek out from behind one of our Haunted House Cardboard Cutouts or the Graveyard Silhouette.

This is where the Spooky 3D Tree Standees come in! Place these freestanding cardboard trees in front of your moon for an eerie forest effect, on either side of your haunted mansion or scattered throughout the cemetery. Available in wonderfully big 6’ and 8’ sizes, they will add great ambience and dimensionality to your decorating scheme whether used as is or embellished in a deliciously wicked way of your choosing.

We hope you’ll find your own perfect way to incorporate a Harvest Moon and Spooky 3D Tree Standees into your Halloween decorating scheme. If so, we’d love to see a photo here, or on our Halloween Party Supplies pages!

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