Throw a Surprise Anniversary Party for a Lucky Couple

Timeless Anniversary Flute
Timeless Anniversary Flute

Do you know a couple who is about to celebrate an anniversary, but who are too busy to plan their own event? Why not give them the ultimate present and throw them a surprise anniversary party?

You’ll need to find a good way to get the word out, so make the best of some party invitations. Be sure to include all of the essential details, and urge guests to be on time so that they won’t ruin the surprise.

To decorate, you can choose to have fun and wild decor, such as mylar balloons, confetti or party curtains. Or you can opt for something more stylish by putting out candles and elegant party centerpieces.

A large personalized banner congratulating the couple on making their love last is sure to bring a smile to their face, especially when they see that all of their closest friends and family have gathered to help them celebrate.

Speaking of the guests, be sure that they don’t leave the party empty-handed. Have some great party favors, such as personalized mint tins or dollar party favors on hand to help them commemorate this important occasion.


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