Lighted Corex Standees a Great Choice for Outdoor Halloween Décor

Many of us live in climates where shopping for outdoor Halloween decorations have to be about more than just curb appeal. If this describes your locale, you’ll be seeking outdoor Halloween decorations that aren’t prone to surrendering at the first howl of wind, nor to melting like the Wicked Witch of the West in a wee bit of fog or other fall sogginess.

To meet both expectations, you need look no farther than ShindigZ Party’s Halloween Yard Decorations catalog and our collection of outdoor Halloween décor in great designs and tough, weather resistant materials such as metal, PVC and resin.

Today we’d like to highlight in particular our large, lighted corex standees that make great porch trick-or-treater greeters and haunted locale entry/sentry pieces. Behold the 3’X5’ high skull, 3’X3’ Jack O’ Lantern or 3’X3’ Spooky Tree Lighted Corex standee! These standees are internally lit for a show-stopping display, especially come twilight and beyond; and the iconic Halloween designs ensure use year after year in a variety of settings and evolving themes.

Our lighted corex decorations will help you create a wonderfully wicked visual narrative for Halloween. To complete the story, be sure to visit our online Halloween Decorations store to sample the rest of our outstanding selections for outdoors, and in!

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