Decorations for a Black-and-White Teen Zombie Birthday or Halloween Party

The growing global popularity of the “Zombie Walk” among young adults – along with countless undead films and video games breaking ground over the past decade – has ensured that a zombie-themed birthday or Halloween party will be a hit among preteens and teenagers, too.

Set the mood outdoors near the entrance to the party by crafting a cemetery scene with our sturdy Crypt Silhouette and Graveyard Fence along with selections from our Halloween Tombstones catalog. Startle with the Graveyard Ghoul Decoration or Gruesome Ground Breakers “arising” from one or more of the graves.

Indoors, hang the foggy, gray-toned Cemetery Gates Background Illustration on a wall of the main party area. This photo illustration comes in 6 sizes and can be left as is or personalized with your theme slogan. (If the party will be held in a garage or other less-sheltered area, relax! Our illustrations can be printed on vinyl, complete with metal grommets for hanging.)

The Cemetery Gates backdrop is known in zombie parlance as “Romero-esque” and refers to George A. Romero’s original “zombie apocalypse” films, such as Night of the Living Dead, which were filmed in black and white. To retain the Romero-esque feel throughout, use gray cardboard tombstones, Spooky 3D Trees and silhouette cutouts such as our Zombie Silhouettes.

Additionally, hang cobblestone- or flagstone-patterned gossamer strategically to suggest part of a mausoleum wall, and drape black crepe streamers from the ceiling for an ominous, overcast effect. Extend the black-and-white scheme to table settings and balloons. Add fog as desired.

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