Materials, Accessories for Terrific Tabletops & More

Once you’ve gotten your tables beautifully and cleverly covered, it’s time for centerpieces, tableware and finishing touches.


Use tapers, balls, and votives in a unifying color from your scheme. As long as they are out of the reach of small children, fill all the tables with various sized candles and keep them lit throughout the evening. Prior to the party, put your candles in the refrigerator or freezer, as cooler candles will burn longer.

To float candles, you might color the water with liquid food coloring. Mix colorings to obtain just the right hue. Another idea for floaters is to place a glass bowl, or several different sized wineglasses filled with water (colored or not) on a mirror. Add candles and colored or clear gemstones and enjoy the dreamy look you have created.


A sprinkling of confetti here and there should be as a delightful little surprise, and ShindigZ has about 60 designs to fit many themes and color schemes. Not just for table tops, confetti can be used on floorings, in invitations, along pathways, or even inside balloons! This provides a unique touch at a great price.

Curling Ribbon

This is a must-have if you are working with balloons, but you can also use it to tie around a favor at each place setting, to bundle table utensils, or to put the finishing touch on wrapped gifts. Curling ribbon comes in a multitude of colors. Cut 8-12″ lengths of curling ribbon, and curl each piece with the blade of a pair of scissors. Scatter little “curls” over tabletops for an easy, whimsical, and very inexpensive decorative touch!


Garland can be draped and swagged like streamers can, and is absolutely ideal to mold around centerpieces, outline the edges of tabletops, and wrap around candle bases and votives. Use it to garnish gift packages and accent balloon bouquets. Entwine a garland with twinkle lights and wind it around a column or weave it through a gate. Look for silk floral, metallic, fringe, ivy and more today.

Cracked Ice Streamers and RollsStreamers

While pretty much everyone is familiar with the traditional crepe streamers, they also come in gossamer, foil, netting, holographic and the exotic cracked ice! Streamers can be used to accent tabletops for a truly unique look. Measure the length and/or width of your tables. Add 12″ to each measurement, so that a 6″ length can hang on either side of the table. Place streamers on the table running lengthwise or across the width of the table, or in two directions in a lattice pattern. Streamers can be twisted after they are anchored to a table-end for more dimensionality. Two different colored streamers can be placed back-to-back, and twisted for a two-toned effect.

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