Even More Games for Kids’ Parties

Here’s another batch of kids’ birthday party activities, tried and true, and ready for you.

Squeeze-the-Orange Race

Object of the Game: Each team tries to beat the other(s) in passing an orange down a line without using hands.

What you need: One large orange per team (or try a small grapefruit, a ball, or a balloon of appropriate size, depending on the age group. The more the object weighs, the more difficult it is to transfer from person to person.)

Prep & Procedure: Choose two or more teams with a minimum of 3 players per team. Each team forms a line. The first player in each line places an orange against his/her neck and pins it in place with his/her chin. Once pinned thusly, the first player must put hands behind back and try to pass the orange to the second teammate in line, who must take the orange and pin it under chin without hands. If the orange falls to the ground during the attempt at transfer, it must be placed back under the first player’s chin. Repeat transfers of the orange down the line. The game is over when one of the teams successfully transfers the orange from player to player all the way to the last teammate in the line.

Shoe Relay

Object of the Game: Using a designated mode of locomotion, players race to a pile of shoes, find their shoes in the pile, put on the shoes and make their way back to the starting line.

What you need: Party-goers need to be wearing shoes or socks; that’s it.

Prep & Procedure: Split the players into teams of 3-5 racers each. Each player removes one shoe (or sock, if you’re indoors) and gives it to the race official (you) who piles up the shoes on the opposite side of the racecourse.

At the starting signal, the first relay runner of each team races to the pile, finds his/her shoe, puts it back on, and races back to tag the next runner. Repeat until all teammates have run.

The relay racers can run to the pile, or you can choose another means of locomotion, such as skipping, running backward, or wheel-barrowing two-by-two. You may even be able to tie the method of locomotion to the party theme — an under-the-sea theme, for example, might call for a crabwalk!

Water Balloon Toss

Object of the Game: Partners try to keep a balloon filled with water intact despite tossing it back and forth with ever-increasing distances between them.

What you need: Regular balloons or water balloons

Prep & Procedure: Fill balloons with water until they are a tad bit slosh-y and unwieldy (about softball size).

Pair off the partygoers. The partner pairs face each other in two lines standing about 3 feet apart. Assure that the players in each line have some elbow room between them. Arm one line with the water-filled balloons. On the signal, the players with the balloons toss them to their partners in the other line, who try to catch them very gently. Any balloon that bursts, whether caught or not, eliminates the pair that tossed it. After each toss, one line takes a step backwards to lengthen the distance between partner pairs. Repeat until only one pair of partners is left with an intact balloon.

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  • Some great classic games that are fun for kids.
    Another classic game is the 3 legged race. Pair up children. Having them stand side by side, and use a piece of rope or old pair of nylons etc…to tie the children’s leg’s together, leaving only one leg on each side untied.

    Have them race down to a finish line or around an obstacle and back again on the blow of a whistle.

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