Throw A Golf Themed Party To Celebrate The Season

Golf Ball Cake Deco Set
Golf Ball Cake Deco Set

It’s the perfect time of year to head out and whack a few golf balls around on the green. If you’re a golf fan, then why not celebrate this beloved sport with a golf party?

There are plenty of golf themed party surprise to make your party one for the books. For starters, you’ll want to hang up a giant banner announcing the shindig. Make sure it’s decorated with golf tees and clubs!

Of course, you’ll want to dress up the inside of your home as well. Mylar balloons with phrases like “FOUR!” on them will really do the trick.

Tell your pals to come over dressed in their best golfing gear. This means plaid pants, cardigans and of course goofy hats! You can even get a hat and tie adorned with golf balls.

If you plan to make a cake for this fiesta, go all out and get a golf themed cake decorating set. Golf ball candles and little putters will make your sweet treat a huge hit.

When your bash is coming to a close, pass out some fantastic party favors. Bead necklaces, silly string or a personalized travel mug will help your guests remember this wild and unique theme party.


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