4th of July Party Planning Timetable

Stay organized and prepared with the July 4th party planning timetable below! If you like, print out the list and check off each item as you finish it.

3-4 Weeks Before July 4th

□ Set a budget
□ Rent tables and chairs, if needed
□ Arrange for any special help for the party
□ Make a list of your basic 4th of July party supplies
□ Decide on the party theme
□ Send invitations
□ Order Decorations

2-3 Weeks Before July 4

□ Plan the menu
□ Prepare what food you can ahead of time, and freeze it
□ Purchase cute 4th of July favors and tableware
□ Select music
□ Order flowers
□ Determine event schedule (games, mingling, food – always try to store extra activity ideas up your sleeve)

1 Week Before July 4

□ Finalize the headcount – but be ready to be flexible, as it will probably change a bit!
□ Purchase beverages
□ Check camera equipment and purchase batteries, film, etc.

2-3 Days Before the 4th of July

□ Confirm all arrangements
□ Purchase fresh food
□ Giver helpers specific tasks from your list
□ Account for and arrange catering supplies
□ Decide what you’ll wear!

1 Day Before the 4th of July

□ Decorate the party venue (except for balloons, and, if the venue is outdoors, anything else that’s fragile, such as crepe)
□ Complete food prep and pick up ordered food items
□ Set tables
□ Make room for coats, purses, etc.
□ Purchase ice

The Day Of The 4th of July Party

□ Put up any outdoor party markers such as banners and yard signs
□ Add your 4th of July party balloons
□ Set out bowls of candies, nuts, other nibbles
□ Give last-minute instructions to your helpers
□ Set up the bar
□ Prepare last-minute foods
□ Put out your camera so you don’t forget!
□ Prepare yourself – exercise, a bath, glass of wine – whatever gets you in the right frame of mind
□ Start the music
□ Light your candles
□ Relax and enjoy the party!

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