Kids’ Birthday Party Activities Furnish Firehouse Flair

It does not take much to spark imaginative role-playing among the preschoolers and school-agers and this is especially true of youngsters who love fire engines, fire stations, and all things firefighter. For a child who is enamored of these rescue hero role models, the following tips will help you plan activities for a firefighter-themed party that generates excitement and fond memories.

Depending on the number of guests and the prevailing age of the party, a tour of a local fire station might be a good idea. If so, try to schedule the tour as the first or last activity in order to minimize the number of transports needed. Don’t forget to bring a camera – there are sure to be great photo ops!

Whether or not a tour is advisable and possible, a wearable favor is a great way to kick off a party. Our Fire Chief Hats are inexpensive and indispensible dress-up items for this theme.

For a summer party, outdoor activities involving plenty of water are always a hit.

  • A garden hose makes a good “rope” for a firefighter tug-of-war. If the day’s a scorcher, place a filled wading pool between the teams.
  • A water-balloon toss is another timeless favorite.

  • In a bucket-brigade relay, team members carry full cups of water to pour into a bucket. The first team to fill its bucket wins.

  • Instead of whacking the Fire Engine Piñata, firefighter guests can take turns on a garden hose with nozzle set for a strong stream!

  • Begin a race with 2 firefighter costumes and 2 pairs oversized rubber boots. Each of the two racers must dress as quickly as possible in the firefighter garb, and then contend with an obstacle course. Suggested obstacles might be jumping over coiled garden hoses, zigzagging around Flame Decorations, and burrowing through play tunnels. Place a stuffed kitty in a crook of a tree or at the top of a play-set slide that the winning firefighter of the pair can rescue. (You can modify this game into a relay if you like, keeping in mind the kitty logistics might be trickier.)

    Try firefighter-related twists on classic party games: “Hot potato” becomes “Pass the Bucket;” “Red Light, Green Light” turns into “Fire, False Alarm;” and “Duck-Duck-Goose” is transformed into “Hot-Hot-Cold.”

    Round out activity plans with funtoos and bubbles.

    Check out more ideas for favors and activities in this theme by shopping the ShindigZ catalog of birthday party supplies.

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    • This is great! The way to make a birthday party perfect for children is to cater to their specific likes and dreams with the games and decor! So a fairy theme or princess theme is great for the little girl that loves those things, and so on. Once you find the right theme, the next step is decor and games! I have found some great, fun games and have loved the response from the kids!

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