Spark Dreams of Rescue Heroes with a Firefighter Birthday Party

If you ask a room full of young children what they want to be when they grow up, you’re sure to hear several say, “I want to be a firefighter!” Firefighters have a cool job, wear cool gear, and drive the coolest trucks. The folks at ShindigZ Party know this, and stock lots of Firefighter Birthday Party Supplies for this classic theme.

Start with a Firefighter Kit-N-Kaboodle. The basic party kit includes table cover, plates, cups, cutlery, curling ribbon, balloons and invitations. The deluxe version has everything the basic kit does, plus streamers, mylar balloon, customizable Attach N’ Go Banner and Silver Spiral candles.

Young children are often too excited by parties to eat much, so the best plan for this age group is to schedule the party at a time that doesn’t coincide with a mealtime, and to stick pretty much to beverages, ice cream and cake.

Help the birthday child choose a slogan to use on the invitations. Some ideas are:

“Sound the alarm: Joey’s Turning 5!”
“Nate is Our Birthday Rescue Hero!”
“Fired Up for Birthday Fun!”

If you can hand-deliver invitations, it might be fun to attach each to a small die-cast fire truck. Another idea is to purchase our inexpensive Fire Chief Hats. Write or print out the party information on labels and stick one on the inside of each hat. Be sure to include the instruction to wear the hat to the party!

Use the red and black balloons from the Kit-N-Kaboodle in odd-numbered clusters (5, 7, 9, etc.) because that looks best. A big bunch tied to mailbox, lightpost or porch shows guests the way to the party, and others can be placed on tables and in corners, on their own or suspended, or weighted if you are using a helium tank. Create a centerpiece of helium-filled balloons each leashed and tied to the rest with curling ribbon and anchored by foil weights placed in an upside-down firefighter helmet. If you decide against using helium, suspend the balloons from the ceiling or a light fixture above the table you want to decorate.

In any case, you may want the birthday cake to be the centerpiece! Our Firetruck Cake Decorations can help you transform a simple sheet cake and a bit of decorator’s icing into an exciting fire scene that party guests will want to view up close.

Use streamers for splashes of color throughout the party area. They can be suspended, twisted, draped and taped outward from focal points where you’ve hung balloons, used in swags reaching from corner to corner, and run in cascades vertically down walls or doorways.

As a final mood-setter, enthrall party guests with the red flashing Police Party Light placed on the gift or food table.

Next post: Activities for the firefighter birthday theme.

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