Parade Floats 101

There may come a time (or perhaps already has?) when your organization determines it wants to participate in a parade in your community, and works out a budget for building a float. Whether it’s for your school, business, or social club – and regardless of the size of the organization – the steps for putting together a float are pretty much the same.

Your first move, upon registering for the parade, is to obtain and understand all the rules. Some parades, for example, limit the size of the trailers that can be used, and many require approval of float design. If the parade has a theme, you’ll need to know that, too, before your group starts generating concepts for your float.

Once you know about any prohibitions, the theme, and the size of the space you’ll be working with, the committee can start brainstorming. Ideas that end up being serious candidates for consideration should be conceptualized in slogans, sketches, and a color scheme. When the creative work is completed and approved, develop timelines and deadlines, which are crucial if your group is to avoid having to work around the clock the last few days before the parade! Then it’s time for the physical labor. Tasks can be split up roughly as follows:

  • Building the foundation (skirt frame, deck)
  • Erecting the main structure/setting
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Signage

Be sure to take a look at what ShindigZ Party has to offer when you are working out signage options, materials and even large prop pieces, which can provide polish as well as save a lot of time and labor. For this reason we suggest checking out our Theme Party Decorations and Banners as well as the Float Decorations catalog.

Our last tip for now is to work out the finishing touches that will best be saved for the parade site itself. For one thing, your float may be traveling a snail’s pace throughout the parade, but that probably won’t be true for getting the float to the starting line-up! Another reason is that some decorations you’ll want to use, such as balloons, will deteriorate fairly quickly outdoors even under the best of weather conditions.

We hope these tips are of use to you in your float-building project and that you’ll visit Party Supplies soon for more ideas.

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