Do You Love Twilight? Throw a Vampire Party

Twilight New Moon Party Supplies
Twilight New Moon Party Supplies

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to throw a vampire theme party. Thanks to the movie Twilight vampires are here to stay, and you can celebrate by inviting your friends over during the next full moon for a fun bash!

Get out a cape and those fake fangs and get ready to have a monster mash! There are a lot of fun decorations you can use to make your home resemble a vampire’s abode. Cardboard standees of wolves or castle walls will really create the spooky atmosphere you’re going for!

You can also strategically place plastic spiders and cutouts of bats to give your guests a scare. For a backdrop, hang some spider web patterned gossamer. And don’t forget to add in a fog machine to your vampire party supplies to make it feel like an eerie night in Transylvania.

For beverages, you’ll want to serve some blood-red punch. Cookies in the shape of bats, or red velvet cakes will definitely make the Draculas at your bash happy.

If you want to make your party Twilight-themed, you can purchase some standees of Bella, Edward and other characters from the movie. Screen the popular film during your party and you’ll be sure to attract lots of excited guests!

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