Young‘uns Love a Barnyard Bash

While a farm party theme is adaptable to folks of all ages, there’s no party for young children quite like the Barnyard Bash with its rich palette of primary colors and cast of party animals.

The Barnyard Bash Kit-N-Kaboodle is a great start for planning a special party for the youngest of young’uns. This party kit for 8 features bright red barn-shaped plates with friendly farm animals and cups dotted like spotted cows. Coordinating table cover, cutlery, balloons, curling ribbon and thank-you notes complete the basic set. Upgrade to the deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle to add streamers, an Attach N’ Go Banner, mylar balloon and Candy Stripe white birthday candles.

ShindigZ offers a wagonload of decorative accessories and accents, too.

  • Take a gander at our Personalized Farm Yard Sign as a cute and colorful way to show guests they’ve reached the right barnyard.

  • Make hay with the Tractor Farm Photo Prop or the Personalized 3D Barn decoration for memorable pictures of the day.

  • Set a theme-perfect Farm Birthday Table in gingham and red paisley bandannas and “garnish” with farm animals and mini straw bales.

  • A Barnyard Bash is a time for dress-up and for classic, active games such as Horse, Duck-Duck-Goose, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey (or cow or pig).

  • Greet each guest with a straw hat and/or bandanna.

  • The Pull String Cow Piñata is a natural for this theme.

  • Line a child’s wagon with a blanket and some straw, and pull one or two riders at a time around the “barnyard.”

  • Stir up a batch of batch of dough for kids to create Pretzel Farm Animals (see recipe below).

  • Farm Animal Pretzel Dough Recipe

    1 package yeast
    4 cups flour
    1½ cups warm water
    1 egg
    1 tbsp. sugar
    1 tbsp. salt.

    In a large bowl mix yeast, water, sugar and salt. Stir in flour. Knead on table until dough is smooth. After the kids have washed their hands, give each child a ball of dough to work with into animal shapes. Brush with beaten egg, and sprinkle with salt. The kids move on to the next adventure while the pretzels bake in a 425°F oven for 15 minutes or until browned. Cool to room temperature and enjoy!

    Sure as spotted cows say, “Moo,” ShindigZ surely can help you plan a bodacious Barnyard Bash or other Farm Birthday Party!

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    • we would be needing more decorative accessories as the christmas season approaches.~.

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