A White House Party: State dinner in the East Room

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The White House will be hosting a major dinner in the East Room to honor Mexican president Felipe Calderon and First Lady Margarita Zavala. Chicago chef Rick Bayless will be serving up some fantastic treats for all of the guests, according to the Washington Post. The chef has been tweeting constantly about the upcoming event.

After party crashers slipped through security at the last state dinner, the entire White House is working to ensure that the event goes of without a hitch this time. Approximately 200 guests will attend the high profile event for a night of feasting and entertainment, the source reports.

While the dinner menu is a closely guarded secret, Bayless did reveal that he has got a Mexican treat prepared: a black mole sauce that involves over 20 ingredients! Holy mole!

Though it made be hard to gain access to a state dinner with out having some serious connections, you can throw your own White House-themed party. Turn your dining room into the East Room by encouraging guests to wear their most elegant gowns and suits. Decorate your home with red, white and blue balloons and streamers, and your friends and family will feel like they’re on Pennsylvania Avenue! Be sure to hang a personalized White House banner.


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