Miley Cyrus Hosts A Casino Themed Party

Casino Card Decorations
Casino Card Decorations

Teen star Miley Cyrus threw a casino themed bash at a popular LA lounge, h.wood, according to People Magazine. The party was to celebrate the conclusion of her popular TV show, Hannah Montana.

Cyrus’ cast members, including Emily Osment, joined in the Vegas-style fun. A DJ spun some awesome tunes (including some of Miley’s own), while the girl of the hour let loose and ran around, singing and dancing along with the beats, according to the source.

The bash featured a variety of foods including fries, hot dogs, sushi and even a doughnut cart! Now that’s some creative and tasty fun. Blended iced teas were served to quench guests’ thirst.

Throwing a casino-style event is simple and easy. Hosting a themed party for a younger crowd is also a surefire hit, as it will make teenaged guests feel like they’re hitting the strip in Sin City.

If you plan to throw one of these special parties, look in to purchasing some casino themed decorations. Find cardboard cutouts of playing cards, and organize special games like roulette and blackjack. You can even hand out special prizes to the highest rollers, like oversized playing cards or beaded necklaces!

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