Heidi Klum and Seal Celebrate with a Wedding Themed Party

Bobble Head Wedding Dolls
Bobble Head Wedding Dolls

Heidi Klum is no stranger to theme parties. She has a yearly tradition with her husband, singer Seal, of renewing their vows, and this year she went with an elegant “Wedding Theme” to commemorate their 5th anniversary, People magazine reports.

Last year Klum chose a retro party theme, but this year she wanted something more elegant. “They wanted it to feel like a real wedding, but still have a theme,” a source told the news magazine.

The ceremony was held on a beach at sunset in front of a small group of friends and the couple’s children. Afterward the beautiful family was ready to let loose. The reception was held at the couple’s home, under an open-air hut.

But don’t think the couple was slumming it! They decorated the space with chandeliers and thousands of white candles, according to the magazine.

The invitation to the event was shaped like a birthday cake, and came with bobble-head dolls of each member of the family. What a fun and festive way to get people excited for the party!

Guests wore black and white to fit into the overall tone of the party. If you’re looking for a creative idea for an anniversary or engagement party, consider following in Heidi’s footsteps. Make your soiree a wedding themed party!

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