Shower the Mod Mom in Hip Style

The pinks and greens in the cute, trendy Mod Mom design can stand alone or lend fresh accents to other baby shower themes. Choose from a great selection of baby shower tableware, decorations, and adorable favor bags in this design.

Once you’ve selected the theme, generate a slogan for use in invitations, customized banners and personalized favors. It can be as simple as, “Come Welcome Baby Smith” or incorporate shower imagery, e.g., “Making a Splash Baby Bash!”

If you can hand-deliver invitations, use curling ribbon to attach them to small party favors such as plush animals in Mod Mom colors or personalized bottles of bubbles.

Create a backdrop for your party that will make all your decorations stand out. Use gossamer decorating material in swags, drapes, backdrops and more. Pink, pastel lavender and/or turquoise would work well with the Mod Mom. Twist two colors together to create a swag that really stands out, and create table runners or chair bows with gossamer streamers.

Mark the guest of honor’s seat with with Mod Mom cutouts hung overhead and a Mom-to-Be Sash draped across her chair.

Then, fill up your party space with balloons. They never go out of style! Create balloon bouquets of pearlescent balloons in two colors, matching your gossamer. Odd-numbered clusters (3, 5, 7, etc.) look best. Attach them with curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or to balloon weights – perhaps beanie toys as balloon weights here? If you don’t favor or have access to a helium tank, scatter bouquets around the room or hang them from the ceiling using various lengths of curling ribbon.

Accent tables with party favors that double as decorations, such as cupcake birthday candles or personalized clear petite glass candle holders.

Finally, get the party started with a Baby Shower Game Kit or Diaper Game Kit. Each kit contains enough materials for up to 12 party players.

Check out the ShindigZ Baby Shower Supplies catalog for more ideas for showering the Mod Mom in your life.

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