Throw an Egyptian Themed Party

Egyptian Themed Party Entrance
Egyptian Themed Party Entrance

Looking for a creative summer party theme? Invite your friends over for a Middle Eastern extravaganza – throw an Egyptian themed party!

The summer is the great time for this theme. Turn your backyard into the Sahara desert by putting up cardboard palm trees, pyramids and sphinx murals. Cutout hieroglyphics and a stone arch will really tie your Middle Eastern decor together.

Ask guests to don their best desert gear. Or, for a classier touch, encourage them to wear gowns and suits to celebrate those hot summer nights in style. Once the guests arrive, hand out gold and black beaded necklaces – they’ll feel like they’re sporting the jewels of the Pharaohs!

For a more detailed theme, your friends could dress as their favorite Egyptian gods. Robes and headdresses are the duds of choice for this fun idea.

To feed your guests, serve some middle eastern cuisine! Falafel and kebabs are a great way to make your friends and family feel as though they are dining under the Saharan sun.

It’s time to walk – and dance – like an Egyptian. Let out your inner Cleopatra and party down!


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  • That Egyptian theme is really nice. Great ideas for summer backyard fun. Wish I had a pool. Sigh.

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