Adapt the Scavenger Hunt Game to Your Event

The scavenger hunt party game is adaptable to the size of the party and to any number of themes and event types. The most significant changes, event by event, are usually the boundaries of the hunt. A birthday party of very young children will be confined to a relatively small space such as a backyard, while a block party will engage a whole neighborhood. A school event fundraiser with adults involved as drivers might make the whole town its happy hunting ground!

This post will tackle the most ambitious type of scavenger hunt, with grown-up participants. You can scale back this model as needed or desired.

There are 3 categories of things to gather: photos, objects and answers. You can choose to incorporate just 1 or 2 into the game, or go for broke with all 3! Typically, you will want to come up with 10-20 items per category, depending on how many of them you are including, your assessments of difficulty, and your time limit. It’s better to have too many than too few. What follows are examples of each category.


  • Police officer
  • Local monument
  • Person walking a dog
  • Fire truck
  • Phone booth
  • Objects

  • French fries container
  • Xerox of a hand
  • Chinese restaurant menu
  • Pine cone
  • Movie ticket stub
  • Questions

  • What movie is playing at XYZ movie theatre?
  • What are the current ice cream flavors at XYZ ice cream shop?
  • What is the new exhibit at XYZ museum?
  • Assign points to each item, based on level of difficulty, from 1-5. The team earning the most points wins. You will also need to come up with penalties. Teams will lose points for getting back late, for forgetting to include a teammate in a photo, for interfering with another team’s efforts, and so on.

    Try to generate as many event theme-related items to gather as possible. That goes for prizes, too. For a school-related sports boosters’ fundraiser, for example, you might include fan gear for all registered participants — and for the winners, tickets to a contest against the No. 1 rival!

    Next post: Conducting your scavenger hunt.


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